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H&H Industries has been expanding its scope of lighting knowledge and product availability since our founding over 50 years ago. We supply businesses from New York to Hawaii, from Canada to South America to Europe, and we serve customers large and small, everything from the corner drug store to the federal government.

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We’re a third generation family-owned company, directly involved in the manufacture and supply of quality lighting products for your business. With over 150 individuals dedicated to meeting your highest expectations offering lighting solutions for our changing world.

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IncandescentLampA Shape Incandescent

H&H A shape incandescent light bulbs are designed and engineered for durability, strength, and long burning life. They feature rugged multi-support filaments that stand up to the shock and vibration common to industrial applications. Life-rated up to 16,000 hours, the H&H bulb will outlast ordinary bulbs many times over.

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AShapeCFLA Shape CFL

H&H’s full spectrum A Shape CFL can fit about anywhere a regular incandescent lamp is used making it a great choice for household lighting. If you don’t like the shape of a traditional spiral CFL here is an option that gives you the traditional incandescent frosted glass look without seeing the CFL light source.

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