Workbench Fixture and Diamond Plate Workbench Fixture

The HH3103 Workbench Fixture is like taking your shop light or 2 lamp strip fixture and putting it on steroids. By combining our 32 watt Vi-Tek 93® Plus natural daylight T8 lamp with a high ballast factor ballast you get 20 to 30 percent more light output. Plus because the fixtures uses a specially engineered reflector the light is directed down to where you need it.

Imagine standing at your bench and being able to see everything clearly with great light intensity.


You could be working on sewing, quilting, wood working, or any other hobby that requires detailed work and see without any shadowing.

Dental Labs use this product as a task lamp so they can see the details while making dentures.

Retail Shops use this in their display windows to show off the product and bring attention to the store.

Automotive repair shops use this over their technician’s bench for detail work and for preparing parts to be installed on vehicles.

Just imagine putting the Workbench Fixture over your working area and being able to see what you are doing.


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