“The incandescent light bulb is not dead” H&H’s vibration service Super V long life (12,000hr) lamps are still available for those special needs or locations. H&H backs Super V lamps with an 18 month no non-sense warranty for commercial and industrial use. With over 50 years of service to the lighting industry we can assure you that the Super V incandescent’s are the best by actual test.

H&H bulbs are designed and engineered for durability, strength, and long burning life. They feature rugged multi-support filaments that stand up to the shock and vibration common to industrial applications. Life-rated up to 16,000 hours, the H&H bulb will outlast ordinary bulbs many times over.

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H&H offers one of the widest selections of decorative incandescent lamps in the lighting industry. And no matter which bulb you choose, it’s guaranteed to add charm, glamor, excitement and drama to any decor. But our decorative lamps do even more than that.

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All H&H sign lamps feature rugged, multi-support filaments and most are life-rated at a maintenance-saving 12,000 hours. Many of these lamps are ideal for decorative lighting as well as sign lighting. The ceramic colors are bright, durable and weatherproof.

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Quality-made in North America, H&H Task-Master™ Code Beacon lamps provide an extra measure of protection wherever tall air traffic hazards exist. They’re bright, dependable, and long lasting—exactly what you need when lives depend on light.

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The world’s best Traffic Signal Lamp is made in America and undergo the most rigorous testing of any traffic signal bulbs on the market. They’re life-rated up to 16,000 user hours to save on maintenance and replacements. They meet or exceed all I.T.E. Specifications and are covered by a Two-Year Free-Replacement Warranty.

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