Lights For Dentists and Dental Laboratories

Full Spectrum Lighting For Accurate Shade Matching…Every Time!

For the dentist, and dental laboratories, Vi-Tek 93® Plus provides full spectrum lighting that reveals details, textures, and tooth color beautifully and accurately…brings out the subtle, yet critical, differences in whites and off-whites of plastics and enamels…and assures accurate first time shade-matching. A fully balanced ultraviolet spectrum reveals fluorescence in natural and prosthetic teeth. With Vi-Tek 93® Plus, costly do-overs are all but eliminated.

At 6700K and with a high CRI of 93, the H&H full-spectrum Vi-Tek 93® Plus fluorescent lights effectively simulates natural outdoor light which has long been considered the best light for color matching.

Vi-Tek 93® Plus blends beautifully with window light too. But unlike window light, Vi-Tek 93® Plus is always constant and available—24 hours a day!

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