T-8 Full Spectrum Natural Daylight Fluorescent Lights *The original 4 T12 40 watt lamps with their ballasts consumed 168 watts.
The 2 Vi-Tek 93® Plus full spectrum light bulbs on a new 2 lamp high ballast factor T8 ballast consume 77 watts.
This results in a power savings of 54%. Your power savings will depend on your current installation.

World’s Brightest Daylight Full Spectrum Light Bulbs!

F32T8 Vi-Tek 93+ 50,000 Hr
50,000 hour full spectrum fluorescent lamp

50,000 Hour

32 Watt T8


93 CRI

User Hours:50,000
Warranty:60 Months
F32T8 Vi-Tek 93+
American made full spectrum fluorescent lamp

USA Made

32 Watt T8


93 CRI

User Hours:36,000
Warranty:36 Months
F28T8 Vi-Tek 93+
American made 28 watt full spectrum fluorescent lamp

USA Made

28 Watt T8


93 CRI

User Hours:36,000
Warranty:36 Months
F40T12 Vi-Tek 93+
American made T12 full spectrum fluorescent lamp

USA Made

40 Watt T12


93 CRI

User Hours:40,000
Warranty:40 Months


Watts Bulb Base Name Description CEE
CRI Lumens User
Warranty Price Qty

T5 Flourescent Lamps

28 T5-46” Min Bipin HH9326 F28T5 Vi-Tek 93+ 6700K 93 2,600 20,000 24 Months 19.99ea
54 T5-46” Min Bipin HH9319 F54T5 Vi-Tek 93+ HO 40,000 Hr 6700K 93 4,100 40,000 40 Months 23.99ea

T8 Fluorescent Lamps

15 T8-18” Med Bipin HH9321 F15T8 Vi-Tek 93+ 6700K 93 895 24,000 24 Months 27.99ea
17 T8-24” Med Bipin HH9316 F17T8 Vi-Tek 93+ 6700K 93 1,050 24,000 24 Months 17.99ea
25 T8-36” Med Bipin HH9317 F25T8 Vi-Tek 93+ 6700K 93 1,750 24,000 24 Months 17.99ea
Made in the USA 28 T8-48” Med Bipin HH9320 F28T8 Vi-Tek 93+ Yes 6700K 93 2,500 36,000 36 Months 21.99ea
Made in the USA 32 T8-48” Med Bipin HH9312 F32T8 Vi-Tek 93+ Yes 6700K 93 3,010 36,000 36 Months 19.99ea
32 T8-48” Med Bipin HH9350 F32T8 Vi-Tek 93+ 50,000 Hr Yes 6700K 93 3,010 50,000 60 Months 21.99ea
40 T8-60" Med Bipin HH9328 F40T8 Vi-Tek 93+ 6700K 93 3,675 20,000 24 Months 35.99ea
Made in the USA 59 T8-96" Single Pin HH9327 F96T8 Vi-Tek 93+ 6700K 93 5,910 30,000 24 Months 39.99ea

T8 U-Bend Fluorescent Lamps

32 T8-U Med Bipin HH9315 FB32T8 Vi-Tek 93+ U6 6700K 93 2,300 36,000 36 Months 31.99ea

T10 Fluorescent Lamps

40 T10-48” Med Bipin HH9311 F40T10 Vi-Tek 93+ 6700K 93 3,240 48,000 48 Months 23.99ea

T12 Fluorescent Lamps

Made in the USA 14 T12-15” Med Bipin HH9325 F14T12 Vi-Tek 93+ 6700K 93 715 24,000 24 Months 26.99ea
20 T12-24” Med Bipin HH9322 F20T12 Vi-Tek 93+ 6700K 93 1,305 24,000 24 Months 29.99ea
30 T12-36” Med Bipin HH9323 F30T12 Vi-Tek 93+ 6700K 93 2,310 40,000 40 Months 29.99ea
Made in the USA 40 T12-48” Med Bipin HH9314 F40T12 Vi-Tek 93+ 6700K 93 3,210 40,000 40 Months 23.99ea
Made in the USA 55 T12-72” Single Pin HH9324 F72T12 Vi-Tek 93+ 6700K 93 4,725 36,000 36 Months 39.99ea
Made in the USA 75 T12-96” Single Pin HH9313 F96T12 Vi-Tek 93+ 6700K 93 6,600 40,000 40 Months 36.99ea
Made in the USA 75 T12-60" Rec Dbl C HH9333 F60T12 Vi-Tek 93+ HO 6700K 93 5,250 24,000 24 Months 45.99ea
Made in the USA 85 T12-96" Rec Dbl C HH9331 F72T12 Vi-Tek 93+ HO 6700K 93 8,500 24,000 24 Months 49.99ea
110 T12-96” Rec Dbl C HH9318 F96T12 Vi-Tek 93+ HO 6700K 93 8,500 24,000 24 Months 38.99ea

T12 U-Bend Fluorescent Lamps

Made in the USA 40 T12-U Med Bipin HH9332 FB40T12 Vitek 93+ U6 6700K 93 2,940 40,000 40 Months 49.99ea

Vi-Tek 93® Plus - Natural Daylight Full Spectrum Light Bulbs

Before and After Vi-Tek 93 Plus daylight lights

Studies show that people see, feel and work better under light whose color appearance closely approximates that of natural outdoor light. At 6700K, Vi-Tek 93® Plus not only recreates the refreshing coolness of natural north-sky daylight, its the brightest natural-daylight-simulating fluorescent you can buy! It's so bright, in fact—3,210 lumens from a 40-watt tube—that when energy conservation is a priority, two full spectrum light bulbs can be used in place of the four conventional tubes you are now using.

But Vi-Tek 93® Plus is more than just bright. It's full-spectrum light enhances the work environment because it aids visual perception. Colors appear as they would outdoors. Figures, graphs and fine print appear more distinct. Glare on computer screens is greatly reduced. The quality of light is so good that Vi-Tek 93® Plus full spectrum light bulbs may be used for light therapy in the treatment of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or "winter blues."

Selected Vi-Tek 93® Plus fluorescents feature an exclusive triple coated barium carbonate cathode design that eliminates the need for light-blocking cathode shields, allowing for a full flow of brilliant white light from lamp tip to lamp tip. No shadows, no dark spots, no unsightly end blackening—even after thousands of hours of use.

In addition, these lamps are low-mercury TCLP-compliant models that reduce mercury contamination when the lamps are eventually discarded. RIP Engineering assures reliable operation in Rapid Start, Instant Start, and Programmed Start fixtures. Vi-Tek 93® Plus full spectrum light bulbs come in many sizes and wattages.

Color Temperature of 6700K closely matches that of natural, north-sky daylight. Vi-Tek 93® Plus is the brightest sunlight-simulating fluorescent and the only 6700K lamp on the market

Brings bright, white, stimulating natural light indoors...day or night...around the clock. Blends beautifully with window light.

Simulates the full color and ultraviolet spectrum of daylight. Color Rendering Index of 93 compared to natural outdoor light at 100 and Cool White fluorescent at 62

Assures keen visual perception, maximum eye comfort, near-perfect color rendition, and pleasant glare-free illumination. Shows color and detail with the same accuracy as natural outdoor light. May even be used for the treatment of SAD.

Exclusive triple barium carbonate cathode design

Eliminates the need for cathode shields, allowing a full flow of light from tip to tip. No shadows, dark spots, no end-blackening.

Selected models are low mercury and TCLP-compliant

Reduces mercury contamination when lamps are discarded.

Life-rated up to 50,000 maintenance free hours, with up to a 60 month Free Replacement Warranty

Long burning life reduces maintenance and replacement costs. Fewer mercury-containing lamps end up in the garbage dump.