Retrofit Kits
Retrofit Kits

When you are looking to retrofit your 2×4 lay in fixture take a look at this easy retrofit. You can remove 4 F40T12 lamps and replace them with 2 F32T8Vitek93+ lamps with newly positioned sockets and an enhanced aluminum reflector this allows you to get the best light with the most even lighting pattern coming out of your newly retrofitted fixture. What an easy way to be able to cut your energy consumption by as much as 91 watts per fixture.

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If you have 8 foot slim line or HO strip fixtures here is the easiest way to retrofit them. Take a look at the different configurations. They come in box kits with the ballasts, mounting brackets with sockets, all mounting hardware and your choice of enhanced aluminum or white reflector. This is the best time to get your easy to use kits.

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2×2 Ubend fixtures can give you some of the most trouble. Here is an easy way to take care of that and make your fixture maintenance easier with great energy savings. Please click above to see how to change the fixture from 2 Ubends to 2 F17T8vitek93+ lamps with new socket mounting brackets, new ballast, enhanced aluminum reflector and lamps.

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