2 Lamp F32 2X4 Retrofit


Convert a 2 U6 Lamp 2×2 Layin Fixture to 2 F17T8 Vi-Tek 93® Plus T8 lamps for up to 56% savings!

$ 101.99

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Volts: 120-277

Warranty: 5 Year

Made In: USA madeinusa

Includes: (1) Reflector for HH3006, (2) Lamps, Box Kit for HH3006

Manufactured from US Steel and Assembled in USA

Product Description

Energy Savings

Replace Watts Retrofit Savings
4 F40T12 168 74 94 Watts
3 F40T12 126 74 52 Watts
4 F34T12 144 74 70 Watts
3 F34T12 108 74 34 Watts
4 F32T8 112 74 38 Watts

Prewired Kit

The sockets are prewired to the ballast.


The ballast is warrantied for 5 years and the lamps are warrantied for 3 years (5 years with HH9350).

95% Specular Reflector

The CNC formed .020″ specular aluminum reflector has 4 mirrored angles per lamp for unsurpassed lamp imaging. The reflector produces even lighting patterns to eliminate shadows and hot spots.

Universal Voltage 120-277 Volt Ballast

The high lumen ballast has a -20º F start, a NEMA ballast disconnect and easily installs with self-tapping screws.

Replacement Socket-Bars

The socket bars are made from .032″ pre-painted cold-rolled steel and are prepunched for lampholders and wire passageway. They install with self-tapping screws. The tabs on the socket bars allow for tool free installation and removal


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