4ft 6 bulb T8 Fixture Before and After

6 Lamp T8 Watt-Hawk


HH3101 6 lamp T8 4 foot Watt-Hawk fixture is the finest fixture in the lighting industry.  When it comes to replacing your old high bay HID fixtures, the easiest choice is the HH3101.  In most instances you can cut your energy usage more than half and have the most quality of light available in the market today.  Utilizing the Vitek 93® Plus lamps with this extraordinary fixture, you can produce even light patterns that have no shadows from our exclusive reflector system that evenly distributes the most light.  HH3101 Watt-Hawk fixtures also have instant on capability after a power outage.  HH3101 Watt-Hawk fixtures come with a maintenance free 5 year no non-sense warranty and are proudly made in the USA using USA manufactured steel.  HH3101 Watt-Hawk fixtures come standard with universal voltage 120-277 (480 available) as well as air craft hanging cable.  A quick-connect power cord receptacle is available in 7 different plug types.  Wrap around lenses and wire guard are available as additional options.   Replace your old fixtures today using our HH3101 Watt-Hawk fixture and start saving energy for a lifetime.

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Length: 4′

Warranty: 5 Year

Manufactured from US Steel and Assembled in USA

NO Color Shift

No Cool Down and Restart Time

Lower Lumen Depreciation

Lamp is Instant On

Noise Reduction







Optional Wrap Lens





Optional Bolt-on Wire Guard





Lumen Depreciation


Product Description

Energy Savings

Replace Watts T8 Watt-Hawks Savings
400W Metal Halide 458 222 236 Watts
250W Metal Halide 293 222 71 Watts
400W High Pressure Sodium 467 222 245 Watts
250W High Pressure Sodium 300 222 78 Watts
F96T12VHO 482 222 260 Watts
F96T12HO 238 222 16 Watts

Quick Connect Power Cord Receptacle

7 different power cords available for use with the quick connect power cord receptacle.

Lamp Retaining Rail

Allows for ease of lamp installation and replacement.

Solid 20ga (.032″) Steel Body

Cold rolled steel body is painted with a smooth, glossy, highly reflective white enamel paint and has sufficent knockouts for mounting and electrical supply.

Universal Voltage 120-277 Volt Ballast

Less noise than metal halide and no waiting for cool down and restrike. The high lumen ballast has a -20º F start and a NEMA ballast disconnect. 480 Volt is available.

Venting And Uplighting

Venting holes allow heat to escape and keeps dust from collecting on the lamps or reflector. 5% uplighting allows for ceiling and duct work maintenance.


Fixture is designed for gripple aircraft cable installations.

Tool-Free Reflector Attachement

No tools are required for reflector installation or removal.

Quality Cam-Lock Lampholders

Prevents the lamp from slipping out.

95% Specular Reflector

The CNC formed .020″ specular aluminum reflector has 4 mirrored angles per lamp for unsurpassed lamp imaging. The reflector produces even lighting patterns to eliminate shadows and hot spots.


Wrap lens and bolt-on wire guard are available.


The fixture and ballasts are warrantied for 5 years and the lamps are warrantied for 3 years (5 years with HH9350).

Additional Information

Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 in


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