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Welcome to Lights by H&H, your trusted source for high-quality LED and fluorescent lighting solutions. We offer a wide range of products, including Vi-Tek 93 Plus T8 LED Tubes, Par LEDs, and various lighting fixtures suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our products are engineered for durability and performance, ensuring you get the best lighting for your home or business. Shop now and experience the difference with Lights by H&H!


Vi-Tek 93® Plus T8 LED Tubes

(Works on Ballast or Direct Wire)

Par LEDs

All LEDs


High Bay Fixtures

(LED and Fluorescent)

Retrofit Kits

(LED and Fluorescent)

All Fixtures


Vi-Tek 93 Plus


(Grain Inspection)

All Fluorescents

Tower and Obstruction

HH172 Task-Master Code Beacon

(125/130V 620W)

HH219 Task-Master Obstruction

(130V 91% Krypton)

All Tower and Obstruction Bulbs

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