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Vi-Tek 93® Plus T8 LED Tubes

(Works on Ballast or Direct Wire)

Par LEDs

All LEDs


High Bay Fixtures

(LED and Fluorescent)

Retrofit Kits

(LED and Fluorescent)

All Fixtures


Vi-Tek 93 Plus


(Grain Inspection)

All Fluorescents

Tower and Obstruction

HH172 Task-Master Code Beacon

(125/130V 620W)

HH219 Task-Master Obstruction

(130V 91% Krypton)

All Tower and Obstruction Bulbs


H&H Products

Quality Engineering
All Lights by H&H products are built for durability and strength. They will outlast conventional lamps many times over. Covered by our "no-nonsense" Free-Replacement Warranty, they will perform to specific requirements, or we will replace them free of charge--no questions asked.
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