Lighting For Auto Body Shops and Paint Spray Booths

Autobody-SideThe right light is as important to a quality automobile paint job as is the right type of paint or the proper application technique. If the light is wrong, the color will be wrong too.

Natural outdoor light has long been considered the best light for this critical color-matching task. At 6700K and with a high CRI of 93, the H&H full-spectrum Vi-Tek 93® Plus fluorescent effectively simulates that light. That’s why automobile manufacturers and auto body shops choose Vi-Tek 93® Plus for use in their spray booths and paint-mixing areas.

Replacing standard fluorescent tubes with full-spectrum, high-color-rendering lamps is the single most important improvement you can make to your spray-painting operation. Though fairly inexpensive, the benefits are many. They Include:

  • Better color matches
  • Less re-mixing
  • Less waste
  • Fewer do-overs
  • More satisfied customers
  • Greater profits

Because a perfect color match—every time—is critical to your business, be sure to use H&H Vi-Tek 93® Plus fluorescents in your spray booths and paint mixing areas.