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Experience the Ultimate Lighting Solutions for a Stunning Salon Transformation

At H&H Industries, we specialize in designing beauty salon lighting systems that bring out the best in your clients' hair colors. Our Vi-Tek 93 Plus full-spectrum lights showcase brilliant blondes, radiant reds, and ravishing brunettes in their truest form, ensuring every hue appears vibrant and authentic. Vi-Tek 93 lights harmonize with natural window light to maintain consistent color and brightness throughout your salon.

Elevate your salon's atmosphere with our state-of-the-art LED hair salon lighting solutions. Our Vi-Tek 93 Plus technology is designed to closely simulate natural daylight, boasting a 6700K color temperature and an impressive Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 93. This provides the ideal environment for your stylists to work with precision and confidence.

The crisp, white light from Vi-Tek 93 Plus not only renders colors accurately but also contributes to staff well-being. By reducing eye strain and fatigue, our lighting solutions create a comfortable and efficient workspace for your team. In turn, this ensures that your clients consistently receive top-notch service in a bright and welcoming setting.

Choose H&H Industries for exceptional beauty salon lighting that will transform your business, enhance your clients' experience, and empower your stylists to create their best work.

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