Beauty Salon Lights

Before and after pictures of beauty salon lighting upgrade

We can help you make your customers look their very best!

At H&H Industries, we make lighting for salons that show hair colors as they really are. Brilliant blondes, radiant reds, ravishing brunettes- they all show up naturally and beautifully under Vi-Tek 93 Plus full spectrum lights. Plus Vi-Tek 93 blends beautifully with window light for perfect color uniformity throughout the salon.

Bring a bright and cheery atmosphere into your salon. It has long been known that full spectrum natural outdoor light is the best light to see and work under. Our Vi-Tek 93 Plus provides the closest simulation of natural daylight available in a fluorescent or LED. At 6700K and with a CRI of 93, Vi-Tek 93 Plus brightens the work area with a crisp white light that not only renders all colors accurately but helps your staff feel better and work better- with greater eye comfort and less fatigue.

Beauty Salon


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