Carwash Lighting

Car Wash lighting upgrade


The Brightest and Most Durable Car Wash Light Fixture



Polycarbonate Lens

Polycarbonate lens resists impacts and is secured to the fixture with a compression fit to ensure the fixture stays vapor tight. Plus the lens will not become cloudy with age.

Fiberglass Composite Body

5 VA rated fiberglass composite that will withstand extreme temperatures. Manufactured with sufficient knock-outs for wiring.

Stainless Steel Clasps and Hanging Kit

Stainless steel clasps and straps won't break or crack like plastic clasps.

95% Specular Reflector

The CNC formed .020" specular aluminum reflector has 6 mirrored angles per lamp for unsurpassed lamp imaging. The reflector produces even lighting patterns to eliminate shadows and hot spots.

Universal Voltage 120-277 Volt

The instant on high ballast factor ballast with high lumen output and a -20º F start.

High Output Ballast

Increases light output without decreasing lamp life.

Tool-Free Reflector Attachement

The reflectors are attached to the fixture body with a tab lock system. No tools are required for reflector installation or removal.

Quality Cam-Lock Lamp holders

Prevents the lamp from slipping out.


4ft Vapor-Hawk™ Fixtures

2ft Vapor-Hawk™ Fixtures


Lighting Upgrade Guide

4 Foot T8 Upgrades

4 Foot T8

1" Diameter

4 Foot T12 Upgrades

4 Foot T12

1.5" Diameter

4 Foot T5 Upgrades

4 Foot T5

5/8" Diameter