Funeral Home Lighting

funeralPeople select a funeral home for many reasons. Not the least among them is a soothing ambiance. Tastefully decorated rooms. Comfortable furniture. And lighting that provides a reassuring presence of warmth, intimacy, and security.

We at H&H can help with lights so you can create that comforting atmosphere for your funeral home. In fact, we offer the nation’s largest selection of premium-quality incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes for almost every conceivable funeral home lighting and lamp light application from the chapel to the casket selection area to the parking lot. 

Your H&H lighting specialist will help you choose lighting that:

  • Creates a quiet ambience to make visitors feel as relaxed as possible.
  • Promotes visual acuity for preparation and cosmetic work.
  • Lowers your lighting bill to the minimum.
  • Outlasts standard light bulbs, saves on replacement bulbs, reduces bulb-changes.
  • Is covered by our “no-nonsense” Free-Replacement Warranty.

And, aside from our wide array of quality lighting products, we also offer a unique and valuable personal lighting service obtainable nowhere else.