Brighten Your Grocery Store With Vi-Tek 93® Plus

Before and after pictures of autobody lighting upgrade

Watt-Hawk 8 Foot T8 Fixtures vs. 400 Watt Metal Halide Low Bay Fixtures

Vi-Tek 93® Plus

The Incredible Light That Saves You Money

Whether a supermarket, local grocery store, or convenience store; using right supermarket lighting fixtures in your store is nearly as important as the quality of the groceries that you sell. By enhancing the overall appearance of your business, superior lighting–like your selection of merchandise–entices customers into your store and encourages them to buy.

H&H can help you with the quality grocery store and convenience store LED lighting that:

  • Creates a bright, cheery atmosphere that makes shopping pleasurable for the customer, and profitable for you.
  • Makes meats, fruits, and vegetables look their appetizing best.
  • Slashes your lighting power costs to a minimum.
  • Outlasts conventional lighting many times over; saves money on replacement bulbs, while reducing the frequency of relamping.
  • Is covered by a “No-Nonsense” Free-Replacement Warranty.

We offer a complete selection of LED, fluorescent, and even incandescent bulbs for every grocery store application: overhead lighting, meat counters, product display, refrigerator, and freezer selections.

Fruit under Vi-Tek 93 Plus lighting

Products on grocery store shelves under Vi-Tek 93 Plus lighting



The Ultimate Grocery Store Light Fixtures


For Ceilings Up To 15 Feet

8 foot fixture side view

Evenly Spreads Light

Built in the USA

USA Made with US Steel




For Ceilings Over 15 Feet

8 foot fixture side view

Evenly Spreads Light

Built in the USA

USA Made with US Steel





Lighting Upgrade Guide

4 Foot T8 Upgrades

4 Foot T8

1" Diameter

4 Foot T12 Upgrades

4 Foot T12

1.5" Diameter

4 Foot T5 Upgrades

4 Foot T5

5/8" Diameter

8 Foot T12 Upgrades

8 Foot T12

1.5" Diameter