Lighting that makes Jewelry & Precious Gems look their best!

Jewelry case before and after Vi-Tek 93 Plus upgrade

The lamps in the first picture have been replaced with Vi-Tek 93® Plus Lamps In the 2nd.

Vi-Tek 93® Plus

Available in LED and Fluorescent

Without the proper jewelry store lighting, merchandise on display will not attract attention and will not sell.

That’s why it pays to highlight your jewelry and window displays with high-impact lighting from H&H Lighting that:

  • Creates a bright, cheery shopping environment that converts browsers into buyers.
  • Adds sparkle and brilliance to gems, jewelry, stones, glassware, and silverware.
  • Reduces your lighting power costs to the absolute minimum.
  • Outlasts conventional lighting, and saves money on replacement bulbs.
  • Is covered by a “no-nonsense” Free-Replacement Warranty.

Remember…good lighting “invites” customers into your store and entices them to buy. H&H offers a complete line of jewelry display lighting products that provide both the quality and the quantity of light you need to draw attention to your merchandise and help it sell.

Jewelry cabinet with Vi-Tek 93 Plus lights


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