Machine Shed / Barn Lighting

What are your biggest worries with your current lighting system in your Machine Shed? Is it the old incandescent lamps that are drawing 200 or 300 watts and not giving you any down light? Or is it the old fluorescent fixtures that swirl on cold mornings and cast yellow shadows? Some of you may have the bell fixtures that have hot spots underneath them and shadows in between.

buckbros2With Vi-Tek 93® Plus lamps you can bring the natural outdoor full spectrum light inside your machine shed. Making it easier to work on projects while working indoors.

Unlike fluorescent fixtures of old, H&H fixtures and retrofit kits feature a ballasts that starts at -20° F so the will work on the cold winter mornings just like traditional fluorescents. Plus with their specially engineered reflectors to even disperse the light H&H fixtures and retrofit kits can be a great improvement to your machine shed.

If you are looking for the proper lighting for a new construction project make sure you check out the Watt Hawk fixtures. They will give you the best lighting system available. You can even call for layout suggestions.