Full Spectrum Classroom Lighting

school-sideIt has long been known that natural-daylight-simulating, full-spectrum light has a positive impact on academic performance. Full-spectrum classroom lighting solutions help create a stimulating, invigorating environment that enhances the learning process by making teachers and pupils feel better so they can learn better.

Independent studies have shown that students working in classrooms with full-spectrum lights demonstrated increased visual acuity and reduced fatigue. The students also showed improvement in attendance and made greater gains in scholastic achievement than students working under conventional classroom fluorescent lighting.

H&H fluorescents simulate the performance-enhancing quality of full-spectrum natural outdoor light. They:

  • Improve see-ability, render colors and details accurately, reduce eyestrain and fatigue, and foster attention to schoolwork.
  • Improve contrast on chalkboards, computer screens, and printed pages to facilitate fast, easy, glare-free reading.
  • Reduce glare from computer screens, making figures, graphs, and fine print appear more distinct.
  • Blend perfectly with window light for the most uniform, most comfortable classroom lighting possible.

At H&H, we meet the challenge of providing our children with the quality of classroom ceiling lights they need to help them focus on learning. Contact us for your free lesson in lighting.

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