Full-Spectrum Lighting for Veterinarians

VetBeforeAfterBefore and after pictures of a fixture conversion to Vi-Tek 93+

Unlike a human patient, an ailing pet cannot tell you where it hurts or how bad it hurts.

That’s why an accurate visual diagnosis is of utmost importance in helping to determine the state of health of an animal.

H&H’s daylight-simulating, full-spectrum fluorescent lamps are a valuable aid in visual diagnosis. Their natural white light can help the veterinarian discern color, shades and details (of teeth, gums, tissue, fur or feathers) as they are really are, without the color distortion inherent in standard fluorescent lighting.

For pets caged indoors, sunlight-simulating fluorescents provide a natural outdoor environment that not only has a calming effect but, more often than not, is critical to an animal’s very survival. Birds, animals, reptiles and fish will thrive under full-spectrum fluorescent lighting from H&H.

Cheerful, sunlight-simulating light also enhances the human work environment. People perform more efficiently because it illuminates their tasks with the accuracy of natural light.