3 foot T8 Fluorescent Lamp

1" Diameter

3 Foot T8

Light Bulb Upgrades

LED Upgrade

Vi-Tek 93®+ T8 LED

12W T8 Vi-Tek 93+ LED

12 Watts
5 Year Warranty

If the etch on your lamp reads F25T8 735 or 835 or F25T8 741 or 841, you can upgrade it to LED with HH9368.

LED Energy Savings

Replace Fluorescent Savings
F25T8 25 Watts 13 Watts
Lighting Facts Per Bulb
Brightness 1,600 Lumens
Estimated Yearly Energy Cost $1.45
Based on 3 hrs/day. 11¢/kWh
Cost depends on rates and use
Based on 3 hrs/day
45.7 years
Light Appearance
6700K on Light Appearance Scale
Energy Used 12 watts