4ft T8 Upgrades

4ft T8

1" Diameter

LED Upgrade:

If your lamp etch reads F32T8 735 or 835 or F32T8 741 or 841, you can upgrade it to LED with HH9360.

Vi-Tek 93® Plus Lamp:

F32T8 lamps can be replaced with the HH9312 Vi-Tek 93® Plus lamps for brighter white lighting.

4ft LED Upgrade

Vi-Tek 93®+ LED

15W T8 Vi-Tek 93® Plus LED

15 Watts
7 Year Warranty

LED Energy Savings

F32T832 Watts17 Watts

4ft T8 Upgrade

Vi-Tek 93®+ Fluorescent

F32T8 Vi-Tek 93® Plus

50,000 Hours
5 Year Warranty