T12 Fluorescent UBend Light Bulb


Light Bulb Upgrades

LED UBend Upgrade

Vi-Tek 93®+ T8 LED


13 Watts
5 Year Warranty

If you have a 2 U6 Lamp 2x2 layin fixture you can convert it to LED with the HH9369. The HH9369 is a direct replacement for a T8 Ubends and if the ballast is by passed it can used in T8 and T12 U6 fixtures.

LED Energy Savings

Replace Fluorescent Savings
F40T12U6 40 Watts 27 Watts
F34T12U6 34 Watts 21 Watts
F32T8U6 32 Watts 19 Watts

UBend Fixture Retrofit

U6 to 2ft T8 Retrofit

2 U6 Lamp 2x2 layin fixture to 2 F17T8 retrofit

HH3005 - Reduce-A-Watt
37 Watts
2 Year Lamp Warranty
5 Year Ballast Warranty

2 U6 lamp 2x2 layin fixtures can be converted to use 2 F17T8 Vi-Tek 93® Plus lamps which will decrease your energy usage while also improving your lighting.

Retrofit Energy Savings

Replace Fluorescent Savings
2 F40T12U6 84 Watts 47 Watts
2 F34T12U6 72 Watts 35 Watts
2 F32T8U6 59 Watts 22 Watts

Fluorescent UBend Upgrade

Vi-Tek 93®+ T12

FB40T12 Vi-Tek 93 Plus U6

40,000 Hours
40 Month Warranty

Fluorescent T12 Ubend lamps can be replaced with HH9332 for brighter white lighting.