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Why is the Vi-Tek 93® Plus the best choice in providing the best, all around lighting?

The main purpose of many lighting installations is to enable people to perform their work quickly, easily, comfortably, and safely. To achieve this aim, it is necessary to provide lighting that ensures people are operating on the plateau of visual performance and not on or close to the edge.

The Vi-Tek 93® Plus is the brightest lamp available on the market. Where color discrimination is needed, select a lamp with color rendering index of higher than 90. That is Vi-Tek 93® Plus. With a color rendering index of 93 Plus, this lamp provides the best color rendering on the market for general use.

Lighting installations are rarely designed for visual performance alone. Visual comfort is almost always a consideration. Visual discomfort can include squinting to properly perform a task, and uncomfortable posture.

The Vi-Tek 93® Plus will eliminate all of these problems.


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