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Why is Vi-Tek 93® Plus the best lighting for employee productivity?

The modern workplace has changed considerably over recent years, and with it the expectations of both employers and employees.

Time in the office today is all about working smarter and making sure that hours spent at work are maximized.

As well as this, we are all becoming much more aware of our physical and mental well being and how our everyday environment impacts us.

We now know that light can have a huge impact on how we think and feel, and in the office, the color temperature of light that workers are exposed to can make a massive difference to their productivity and in turn employer revenue.

So what color light is best for productivity in the office?

Recent studies have shown that workers not only perform better but feel happier when exposed to a light source of a similar color to natural outdoor light.

Vi-Tek 93® Plus is perfect for office lighting for this reason, in fact it is the brightest natural-daylight-simulating light on the market.

How can Vi-Tek 93® Plus improve employee productivity?

The bright, Vi-Tek 93® Plus full-spectrum light can help workers in their day-to-day lives in many ways:

The result is that office workers feel less eye strain and general fatigue and can enjoy a more pleasant and stimulating office environment.

If you'd like to know more about how Vi-Tek 93® Plus lighting can enhance your workspace or office productivity, Ask Mike, he’d love to help.




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