Premium Residential, Industrial & Commercial Lighting Products

H&H Industries, Inc., established in 1964, delivers comprehensive home and commercial lighting solutions. Our bespoke lighting products are designed to enhance colorization across various applications, ensuring superior light quality and ambiance.

Our product range, known for its longevity and energy efficiency, includes solutions that extend life significantly—up to ten times longer than standard options—and offer energy savings of up to 80%. Whether you're looking for LEDs, fluorescents, decorative lights, light fixtures, landscape lighting, solar lights, track lighting, tower lights, and more. H&H Industries is your one-stop shop for all your lighting needs.

In addition to our signature H&H branded products, we provide access to top manufacturers like RAB Lighting, Satco, Westinghouse, Ushio, Mag-Lite, GE, and others, ensuring a diverse and quality selection. For safe and convenient purchasing, order online or contact us at 800-637-3853.