Compact Fluorescent Lamps

H&H’s Mini-Twistee® compact fluorescents light bulbs start saving you money the minute you screw them into the socket. And they keep on saving money and precious energy throughout their long burning life!

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H&H’s long life CFL floods can save you time and money. Check the following link for R20, R30, BR38, Par30, and Par38 compact fluorescent lamps. You can find these in the Opti-Tek®, Powr-Tek® and ViTek Plus colors. The most unique combination of CFL reflectors to fill your lighting needs.

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H&H’s A-Shape full spectrum CFL light bulbs can fit about anywhere a regular incandescent lamp is used. If you don’t like the shape of a traditional spiral CFL here is an option that gives you the traditional incandescent frosted glass look without seeing the CFL light source. H&H’s A-Shape CFL is a great choice for household lighting.

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