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Mini-Twistee CFL

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VIvsOPTIThey save 75% or more in energy costs… last 10,000 hours… and fit where other CFLs won’t.

Above you can see the bright white light of our Vi-Tek that gives you greater seeability and is just like the light you see when sitting outside on a nice day. On the the right is our Opti-Tek® wich creates a warmer tone without throwing a yellow cast.

H&H’s Mini-Twistee® Compact Fluorescents start saving you money the minute you screw them into the socket. And they keep on saving money—and precious energy—throughout their long burning life!

Why Buy Mini-Twistees?

Mini-Twistees are commercial grade which means you are getting a superior light made with quality components.

Just replace your wattage-hungry incandescent bulbs with a new Mini-Twistee CFLs, and you’ll slash your lighting power costs by 75%—while maintaining, or even increasing, your present light levels!

At 10¢ per kWh, just one 20-watt Mini-Twistee® replacing a 75-watt incandescent will save $55 in energy costs over its 10,000-hour life. Savings are based on burning the 20-watt Twistee at 10¢ per kWh (20 watts X 10kWh X 10¢) versus the cost of operating a 75-watt incandescent for the same length of time.

What’s more, you’ll use only one Mini-Twistee® for every 10-13 incandescents, saving greatly on labor and maintenance, and reducing the number of bulb-changing operations. Their small, compact size makes them a perfect fit in most A-19 applications.

Mini-Twistee® is available in 13 and 20 watts and in two different Color Temperatures, however you use them, Mini-Twistee CFLs are backed by our one-year, “no-nonsense” Free-Replacement Warranty.