4 Foot LED Fixture

4ft LED Watt-Hawk™ Fixture

4 Foot LED Fixture


USA Made from US Steel!

High performance, architecturally styled. Supports wide spacing with even illumination. Utilizing high quality Xitanium drivers and Seoul LED boards. This power house can be mounted with aircraft hanging cables, surface mounted, or suspended with chain. It is the ideal fixture for work benches, above drafting tables, or any work surface requiring a 4 foot fixture. Vi-Tek 93 Plus not only re-creates the refreshing coolness of north-sky daylight, but it's also the brightest natural daylight simulating LED you can buy!


Product Description

90 Watt, 11,070 Lumens, Vi-Tek 93 Plus (6700 k), L70 tested life of 100,000+ hours, 4 foot LED Fixture