Vapor Hawk Fixtures

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Combining our best-in-class lighting and fixtures with extra durability, Vapor-Hawk™ are the gold standard for environments where moisture and dirt are concerns for the average fixture. Featuring fiberglass composite housing that withstands extreme temperatures, stainless steel clasps won’t become brittle and break like plastic, impact-resistant lenses that won’t become cloudy with age, and high output ballasts that increase light output without decreasing lamp life, we’ve engineered these to be the best vapor proof lights available. Whether it’s car washes, wash bays, food processing, walk-in freezers and coolers, green houses, specialized agricultural areas, outdoor use, or any other applications that are tough on lights, with Vapor-Hawk™ and our Vi-Tek 93® Plus bulbs, you’ll have daylight ’round the clock – and make sure it stays.

And, H&H is excited to give you the next generation in Vapor-Hawk™ technology! Take a look at our Vapor-Hawk™ fixtures featuring Vi-Tek 93® Plus LED lamps. With the same quality cover specially-designed to diffuse the light, these low-energy, superior quality fixtures are our latest effort to keep providing you with the best available technology.

All our Vapor-Hawk™ fixtures also come with a no hassle 5-year fixture and ballast warranty.

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400W Metal Halide Fixtures vs HH3114 Vapor-Hawk™ T8 Fixtures.