Our wide array of superior quality, energy-conserving fluorescent tube lighting options means that we’ve got just what you need for every job you need to tackle. Whether you’re looking to make improvements on traditional home, restaurant, and office lighting, shine a light on garages, maintenance work, or grain inspection, or enhance the precision of color-matching dental and beauty work, we’ve got you covered. Our top-of-the-line Vi-Tek 93® Plus fluorescent tube lights offer the best, brightest, and most true daylight available indoors, and our slightly warmer Powr-Tek® lamps are a reliable choice, year after year. Our Colour-Master® bulbs are listed in the USDA FGIS (Federal Grain Inspection Service) approved handbook as lamps that are approved for use in Federal Grain Inspection Service areas, and our warm Opti-Tek® lighting will blend beautifully with incandescent lighting.

More information about each of our energy-conserving light bulb lines and individual lamps is available below.

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