See the Vi-Tek 93 Plus difference

The Best, The Brightest, The Most True:
Vi-Tek 93® Plus Fluorescents

The World’s Best, Brightest, Full-Spectrum Daylight-Simulating Light Bulb!

When it comes to bringing outdoor light indoors, nothing beats H&H’s Vi-Tek 93® Plus. These superior lamps are the best, natural daylight, full-spectrum fluorescents on the market. They simulate both the full color and the full ultraviolet spectrums of daylight, with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 93 compared to natural outdoor light at 100, and Cool White fluorescent at 62. Colors appear as they would outdoors, making them ideal for color-matching work. Figures, graphs and fine print appear more distinct, and glare on computer screens is greatly reduced.

But it’s not just the quality of light that’s unmatched: We stand behind our materials and crafstmanship. Vi-Tek 93® Plus bulbs are warrantied for up to 50,000 hours and five years. If a bulb burns out before its time, simply let us know and we’ll replace it – no questions asked. And with a variety of shapes and sizes and the best light on the market, we’ve got just what you need to brighten up your space.

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*The original 4 T12 40 watt lamps with their ballasts consumed 168 watts.
The 2 Vi-Tek 93® Plus full spectrum light bulbs on a new 2 lamp high ballast factor T8 ballast consume 77 watts.
This results in a power savings of 54%. Your power savings will depend on your current installation.

Rooms with Vi-Tek 93 Plus lights