FB32T8 Vi-Tek 93 Plus U6

FB32T8 Vi-Tek 93® Plus U6



T8 U6 Tube
13 Watt
Vi-Tek 93 Plus LED
2,300 Lumens

2,300 Lumens

Uses 32 watts

32 Watts

UBend T8

T8 UBend

3 Year Warranty

3 Year Warranty

Product Description

Vi-Tek 93® Plus is the best, natural daylight, full-spectrum fluorescents on the market. Colors appear as they would outdoors, making them ideal for color-matching work. Figures, graphs and fine print appear more distinct. Glare on computer screens is greatly reduced. The quality of light is so good that Vi-Tek 93® Plus full spectrum light bulbs may even be used for light therapy in the treatment of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or “winter blues.”

With our no-hassle, no-questions-asked replacement warranty, you've got nothing to lose! Make the switch today to the best, brightest, full-spectrum natural daylight fluorescent lamps on the market.

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6700K Color Temperature

Vi-Tek 93® Plus is the brightest sunlight-simulating fluorescent and the only 6700K lamp on the market. 6700K closely matches natural north-sky daylight and blends beautifully with window light.

Color Rendering Index of 93

Simulates the full color and ultraviolet spectrum of daylight. Vi-Tek 93® Plus with a 93 CRI compares to natural outdoor light at 100 and cool white fluorescent at 62 CRI.

Assures keen visual perception, maximum eye comfort, near-perfect color rendition, and pleasant glare-free illumination. Shows color and detail with the same accuracy as natural outdoor light. May even be used for the treatment of SAD.

Low Mercury and TCLP-compliant

Reduces mercury contamination when lamps are discarded.

36,000 Hour Rated Life

Comes with a 36 Month free replacement warranty and the long burning life reduces maintenance and replacement costs.

Exclusive triple barium carbonate cathode design

Eliminates the need for cathode shields, allowing a full flow of light from tip to tip. shadows, dark spots, no end-blackening.



Length: 22.5 Inches
Type: T8
Watts: 32
Kelvin: 6700K
CRI: 93
Base: Med-BiPin
Lumens: 2,300
Case Quantity: 20
Made In: China
Lamp Life: 36,000 Hours
Warranty: 36 Months

Spec Sheet: HH9315 Spec Sheet PDF file