FB40T12 Vi-Tek 93® Plus U6
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FB40T12 Vi-Tek 93® Plus U6Assembled in the USA

$ 65.99
UBend T12

T12 UBend

Uses 40 watts

40 Watts

2,940 Lumens

2,940 Lumens

6700K Color Temperature

(Brightest White)

93 CRI

93 CRI

40 Month Warranty

40 Month Warranty


Product Description

Vi-Tek 93® Plus is the best, natural daylight, full-spectrum fluorescents on the market. Colors appear as they would outdoors, making them ideal for color-matching work. Figures, graphs and fine print appear more distinct. Glare on computer screens is greatly reduced. The quality of light is so good that Vi-Tek 93® Plus full spectrum light bulbs may even be used for light therapy in the treatment of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or “winter blues.”

With our no-hassle, no-questions-asked replacement warranty, you’ve got nothing to lose! Make the switch today to the best, brightest, full-spectrum natural daylight fluorescent lamps on the market.

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6700K Color Temperature

Vi-Tek 93® Plus is the brightest sunlight-simulating fluorescent and the only 6700K lamp on the market. 6700K closely matches natural north-sky daylight and blends beautifully with window light.

Color Rendering Index of 93

Simulates the full color and ultraviolet spectrum of daylight. Vi-Tek 93® Plus with a 93 CRI compares to natural outdoor light at 100 and cool white fluorescent at 62 CRI.

Assures keen visual perception, maximum eye comfort, near-perfect color rendition, and pleasant glare-free illumination. Shows color and detail with the same accuracy as natural outdoor light. May even be used for the treatment of SAD.

Low Mercury and TCLP-compliant

Reduces mercury contamination when lamps are discarded.

40,000 Hour Rated Life

Comes with a 40 Month free replacement warranty and the long burning life reduces maintenance and replacement costs.

Exclusive triple barium carbonate cathode design

Eliminates the need for cathode shields, allowing a full flow of light from tip to tip. shadows, dark spots, no end-blackening.



Lamp Type Linear Tube
Lamp Shape T12 U6
Lamp Base Medium Bi-Pin (G13)
Material Glass
Watts 40W
Lumens 2,940 Lumens
Color Temp 6700K
(Brightest White)
CRI 93
Length 22.5 Inches
Diameter 1.5"
Lamp Life 40,000 Hours
Warranty 40 Months
Made In USA Made In USA
Case Quantity 6