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High Bay Fixtures

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American Made From American Steel!

Our high bay fixtures are designed for bigger spaces.

Our rugged, reliable, long-lasting Watt-Hawk fixtures are meant for use with our superior line of fluorescents, including our Vi-Tek 93? Plus lamps, which are the best, natural daylight, full-spectrum fluorescents on the market - and our multi-faceted reflectors ensure their light shines brightly and evenly, with no shadows or hot spots. H&H's Watt-Hawk? fixtures are proudly built in the USA and offer up to a five-year no-nonsense warranty!

By utilizing our Vi-Tek 93? Plus lamps with our high quality USA engineered fixtures, H&H will guarantee reducing your energy usage as well as providing the highest quality of light. Whatever your business entails, from factories, manufacturing facilities, warehouses and machine shops to to greenhouses and gymnasiums, H&H Watt-Hawk? fixtures produce the finest quality lighting imaginable.

They're also high-efficiency. Save up to 56% on per-fixture energy consumption, and with 3010 lumens from a 32-watt tube, 2 full spectrum light bulbs can be used in place of 4 conventional tubes.

With equivalent or better energy savings, and our no-hassle, no questions asked warranty, you've got nothing to lose! Make the switch today to the best, brightest, full-spectrum natural daylight fluorescent lamps on the market, and start saving and seeing better.