Traffic Lights

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The world’s best Traffic Signal Light is made in America

TrafficSignal-Lines3Crystal Clear Glass Envelope

Only the finest quality “soda lime” glass is used in Task-Master traffic lamps. Unlike the “cloudy” glass used in some foreign imports, soda lime glass offers maximum clarity and a high degree of thickness control.

Exclusive Basing Cement

WIth a specially grooved glass bulb and heat-resistant basing glue, which withstand temperatures in excess of 200º C, the Task-Master traffic lamps have a permanent bond between the bulb and base which exceed A.N.S.I. torque test standard.

Brass Base

We use a non-corroding brass base because, unlike an aluminum base, a brass won’t “freeze” or weld itself to the socket.

Built-In Fuse Wire

Protects against damage to sockets and controls in the event of an electrical “arc-out.”.

95% Krypton Fill-Gas

Unlike the conventional Argon gas Krypton gas allows the filament to burn hotter and longer resulting in a higher light output and longer lamp life.

Super Tough Tungsten Filaments

H&H Uses only the toughest, most resilient, longest-lasting filaments in the traffic signal lamps. 99% of our lamps easily withstood a force exceeding 7G, surpassing any punishment the lamps would experience in normal traffic signal applications.

Sturdy Projection Filament Design

Supported at seven different points, the C-11V projection filament creates an optimum beam pattern, directing more light into motorists’ eyes and eliminating the center deadspot.

Polished Aluminum Reflector Disk

A built-in highly polished six-mil aluminum reflector disk reflects light back towards the signal lens, adding to usable light.  It also protects the base, socket and wiring from destructive bulb heat.