LED is a light emitting diode.  This is an electronic component that is now being used to supply the source of light in many lamps and fixtures.  There are many different LED options available in today’s market place.  LED is the latest and greatest technology with its energy saving and long life products.  That being said not all LED components are created equal.  There are many different manufactures and web sites out in today’s market who claim elite status with no engineering background, no testing capabilities and no lighting history.  Lights By H&H has been servicing customers for their lighting needs for over 50 years.  Lights By H&H has been involved in producing and selling the finest quality lighting products for over 5 decades!  Our Vi-Tek 93® Plus products have revolutionized the lighting industry in how one sees light and what quality light can do for your work environment as well as your home environment.  Lights By H&H is dedicated to providing not only our own high quality LED products but also the finest quality brands available.  Please do your research and buy only the best from Lights By H&H.