Decorative LED Light Bulbs

H&H offers a vast array of decorative LED lamp products. Whether you are trying to radiate cheer and brighten the area up or soften the mood and provide a touch of warmth we offer the best decorative LED products for you.

There is a vast array of color temperatures to choose from to make your fixtures, sockets and wall sconces stand out. Choose our own Vi-Tek 93 Plus LEDs to totally brighten up an area! We also offer many 5000 Kelvin products for a bright effect or warmer color temperature products to soften up the area.

Decorative LED light bulbs generally are 80% more efficient and last over 20 times longer than traditional decorative bulbs!

Choose from the various shapes and sizes we offer including: A shape, BT & ST bulbs, Candle bulbs, Globes, T-shape and vintage LED bulbs.

Please contact us for any of your Decorative LED lighting needs.