8 Foot T12 Fixture Retrofit

Convert from an 8ft T12 Fluorescent to 2 4ft T8 LED Sticks

2 Lamp LED Retrofit White Reflector Direct Wire

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4 Foot T8 LED

4 Foot T8 LED

Uses 30 watts

30 Watts

4200 Lumens

4,200 Lumens

7 Year Warranty

7 Year Warranty

8 foot T12 fixture retrofit kit side view

Evenly Spreads Light

Built in the USA

USA Made with US Steel


Product Description

If you currently have a 8 foot fixture with 2 F96T12 single pin lamps, use this kit to convert it to 2 Vi-Tek 93® Plus T8 LED sticks.

The kit features a very easy installation system with prewired sockets and NEMA disconnect. The included Vi-Tek 93® Plus LED sticks are the best, natural daylight, full-spectrum LEDs on the market. Our Retrofit Kits come with a maintenance free 7 year warranty. The kits have USA manufactured steel and are assembled in the USA.

With energy savings, better quality of light, and our no-hassle, no questions asked warranty, you've got nothing to lose! Make the switch today to the best, brightest, full spectrum natural daylight LED sticks on the market.

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Energy Savings

The 2 T8 LED lamps only use 30 watts.

Replace Watts Savings
2 F96T12 158 Watts 128 Watts
2 F96T12 ES 120 Watts 90 Watts



Prewired Kit

The sockets are prewired. Snap the socket bars apart and attach to your 8 foot fixture channel as shown below.

One Piece Center Bracket

The one piece center bracket simplifies and speeds up installation.

Tool-Free Reflector Attachement

No tools are required for reflector installation or removal.

Replacement Socket-Bars

The replacement socket-bars fold around either a 4.25" or 5" channel and attach with self-tapping screws.

White Reflectors

The white enamel reflector has a 92% reflective finish. The reflector is CNC formed from .020" aluminum and have 13 mirrored angles for unsurpassed lamp imaging. The reflector produces even lighting patterns to eliminate shadows and hot spots.


The retrofit kit and LED sticks are warrantied for 7 years.



  1. Remove the existing channel cover and socket bars.
  2. Use the pre-wired quick connect to connect AC to the sockets.
  3. The new socket bars are attached to the existing channel with two self-tapping screws.
  4. Position the reflector between the socket bars and attach with quarter-turn fasteners.
  5. Install the 2 Vi-Tek 93® Plus T8 LED sticks.



Reflector White Reflector
White Reflectors
2-Lamp Bracket
Watts 30W
Lumens 4,200 Lumens
Color Temp 6700K
(Brightest White)
Color Accuracy 83 CRI
Direct Wire Input Voltage 100-277 AC, 0.2A 50-60H
Made In USA Made in the USA
Manufactured from US Steel and Assembled in USA
Fixture Warranty 7 Years
LED Warranty 7 Years