8 Foot T8 Tube 40 Watt Vi-Tek 93 Plus LED

40W 8ft T8 Vi-Tek 93 Plus Single Pin LED Stick

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Direct Wire LED Stick

Remove the ballast and connect direct to AC.

Daylight simulating LED

Great for color-matching and emits less UV than fluorescent lamps.

Instant On

Reaches full brightness instantly once you plug it in! No warm up time.


Energy Savings

The 8 foot LED tube only uses 40 watts.

Replace Watts Savings
F96T12 75 Watts 35 Watts
F96T12 ES 60 Watts 20 Watts
F96T8 59 Watts 19 Watts



Direct AC

HH9366 installation diagram



  • Suitable for damp locations.
  • Not for use with dimmers.
  • Caution - risk of fire. Use only in place of fluorescent lamps specified.
  • Caution - if the lamp or luminaire exhibits undesirable operation (buzzing, flickering, etc.) immediately turn off power, remove lamp from luminaire and contact manufacturer.
  • Turn off power before installation.



Length: 8 Feet
Watts: 40
Kelvin: 6700
CRI: 82
Base: Single Pin
Initial Lumens: 4,400
Rated Life: 50,000 Hours
LED Warranty: 5 Years
Wiring: Direct Wire, no ballast required
Direct Wire Input Voltage: 100-277 AC, 0.2A 50-60H
Origin: Made in China

Spec Sheet: HH9366 Spec Sheet PDF file