Code Beacon and Obstruction Tower Lighting

Reliability That Saves You Money

When it comes to code beacon, tower, side marker and obstruction bulbs, there's simply no competition: Task-Master® bulbs are the best choice for now, and the best choice for later. Their high quality and rigorous construction stand up to the elements, and last longer so you'll avoid costly shutdowns, save on labor and maintenence, and trust that our bulbs will keep shining – rain or shine.

When it comes to ensuring long-lasting quality, we've left no stone unturned. From the design and manufacturing process to the shipping containers, we oversee every detail. We start with the highest quality materials and processes, like our crystal clear glass envelope, super tough tungsten filaments designed for optimum beam pattern, exclusive heat-resistent basing cement, and Krypton fill-gas, which burns brighter and cooler than Argon. Once they're assembled, all bulbs undergo "flash" testing immediately following manufacture, and we then hold them for 7 days and monitor them for gas leaks. We test them once more before carefully packaging them in individual sleeves and into cases with our four-layer protective packaging.

Check out our product offerings for more details, and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. We're confident that H&H Task-Master® is the right choice for your cell towers, radio and TV towers, microwave towers, building towers, hospitals, bridges, and power lines. We are here to help determine which of our products can help you the most!

Quality Materials, Superior Construction, Rigorous Testing:

Task-Master® Code Beacon and Obstruction bulbs are up to the task.