Premium Code Beacon and Obstruction Tower Lighting Solutions

Reliability That Saves You Money

Task-Master® leads the industry in code beacon, tower, side marker, and obstruction lighting. Known for their durability and longevity, these bulbs withstand the elements, minimize downtime, and save on maintenance costs. Reliable in any weather, they're the smart choice for critical lighting needs.

Our commitment to quality is unmatched. From superior materials to meticulous manufacturing and rigorous testing, every aspect is carefully managed. Features like crystal-clear glass, super-tough tungsten filaments for an optimal beam pattern, heat-resistant basing cement, and brighter, cooler Krypton fill-gas set our bulbs apart. Following production, each bulb undergoes immediate "flash" testing, a 7-day gas leak monitoring, and a final test before being securely packaged with our four-layer protective material.

Explore our product offerings for detailed information, or contact us with any questions. Task-Master® is your ideal solution for ensuring the safety and visibility of cell towers, radio and TV towers, microwave towers, building towers, hospitals, bridges, and power lines. Let us assist you in selecting the best lighting solutions for your needs.

Task-Master®: Unrivaled Quality in Code Beacon and Obstruction Lighting