125-130 Volt - 620 Watt 91+% Krypton Fill Gas PS-40 - 5,500 Hour Task-Master<sup>®</sup> Code Beacon H&H Industries
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H&H's 125/130V 620W Task-Master® Code Beacon - Premium High-Intensity Light

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Uses 620 watts

620 Watts

10,500 Lumens

10,500 Lumens

125V-130V AC

125V-130V AC

1 Year Warranty

1 Year Warranty


Product Description

Experience the reliability of the 125-130V 620W Task-Master® Code Beacon light bulb, ruggedly designed and quality-assured. Benefit from a 5,500-hour lifespan and a 1-year no-hassle warranty.

With Task-Master®, there's no competition!

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Product Features

Crystal Clear Hard Glass Envelope:

Our soda lime glass ensures maximum clarity and robustness. Unlike other bulbs, ours are not cloudy and are weather-resistant against rain, sleet, and snow.

91+% Krypton Fill Gas:

Krypton provides a brighter and cooler burn compared to Argon.

Rugged C9 Filament & Design:

We use strong tungsten filaments designed to withstand physical shock. Supported at nine points, they project an optimal beam pattern.

Special Lead Wire Supports:

With two additional supports, the filament mount is strengthened for proper alignment.

Spring Steel Arbor:

Resilient spring steel arbor withstands shock and vibration.

2 Wrapped Lead Wires:

Each lead wire is protected with fiberglass sleeves to prevent arcing.

Built-In Reflector Disk:

A polished aluminum reflector disk redirects lost light and protects the base from heat.

Nickel-Plated Brass Base:

This ensures positive contact and filament positioning for maximum visibility. It's corrosion-resistant even after prolonged use.

5,500-Hour Life & One Year Free Replacement Warranty:

Enjoy long lamp life, saving on maintenance and replacement. Plus, if a bulb burns out within a year, we'll replace it, no questions asked.



Brand H&H Industries
Lamp Type Code Beacon
Lamp Shape PS40
Lamp Base Mogul Prefocus Nickel-Plated Brass Base (P40S)
Filament C-7A
Fill Gas 91+% Krypton
Technology Incandescent
Finish Clear
Watts 620W
Lumens 10,500 Lumens
Length 10-1/16 Inches
Diameter 5 Inches
Voltage 125V - 130V AC
Lamp Life 5,500 Hours
Warranty 1 Year
Country of Origin Mexico
Case Qty 6