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120 Volt - 116 Watt Krypton Filled A21 - 8,000 Hour Task-Master<sup>®</sup> Obstruction H&H Industries
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120V 116W Krypton Fill Task-Master® Obstruction

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Uses 116 watts

116 Watts

1,260 Lumens

1,260 Lumens

Medium Nickel-Plated Brass Base

Medium Nickel-Plated Brass Base

120V AC

120V AC

1 Year Warranty

1 Year Warranty


Product Description

The 120-volt 116-watt Task-Master® Obstruction Lamp, designed to complement our Code Beacon bulbs, sets a new standard for durability and performance. Engineered for rugged tasks, it undergoes rigorous testing to assure quality and comes with an 8,000-hour, 1-year no-hassle warranty. When you choose Task-Master®, you're choosing the best in the market!

When it comes to Task-Master®, there's simply no competition!

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Product Features

Crystal Clear Glass Envelope

We use soda lime glass, which offers maximum clarity and means our bulbs aren't cloudy like other bulbs. Soda lime glass also allows for a high degree of thickness contol, while minimizing ring molds.

Krypton Fill Gas

Krypton burns brighter and cooler than Argon.

Rugged C9 Filament & Design

We use the toughest, most rugged tungsten filaments, designed to withstand physical shock and vibration that would shatter ordinary filaments. They're supported at nine different points and designed to project optimum beam pattern and thus eliminate the center dead spot.

Built-In Reflector Disk

Specially designed mica reflector disk, held securely in place by sturdy wire braces, redirects otherwise lost light and protects base and socket from intense bulb heat. The polished aluminum reflector disk redirects light and protects the base from intense heat

Medium Nickel-Plated Brass Base

The medium nickel-plated brass base won't corrode or "freeze" in the socket, even after thousands of hours of use.

8,000 hour life. One Year Free Replacement Warranty

Long lamp life saves on maintenance and replacement costs, and reduces bulb-changing operations at precarious heights. And if a bulb burns out before one year, we'll replace it for you, no questions asked.



Brand H&H Industries
Lamp Type Obstruction
Lamp Shape A21
Lamp Base Medium Nickel-Plated Brass Base (E26)
Filament C-9
Fill Gas Krypton
Technology Incandescent
Finish Clear
Watts 116W
Lumens 1,260 Lumens
Length 4-3/8"
LCL 2-7/16"
Diameter 2-5/8"
Voltage 120V AC
Lamp Life 8,000 Hours
Warranty 1 Year
Country of Origin Mexico
Case Qty 120