Fluorescent Fixture Retrofit Kits

Heard about our Vi-Tek 93® Plus and other lines of superior fluorescent lightbulbs? Ready to make the switch, upgrade your existing fixtures, improve your quality of light, and save? You’re in the right place!

If you need to upgrade your existing fixtures to accomodate our bulbs, theses kits can help you get started. You’ll be able to keep your existing fixture, while increasing output and improving the quality of light, and saving energy and money. The pre-wired ballast in our Fluorescent Fixture Retrofit Kits is easily installed, and your new light bulbs and reflectors are included! Plus, our friendly customer service staff are on hand to answer any questions and help make sure it all goes smoothly.

These Fluorescent Fixture Retrofit Kits feature a very easy installation system with prewired sockets and ballast disconnects. The included Vi-Tek 93® Plus lamps are the best, natural daylight, full-spectrum fluorescents on the market, and our multi-faceted reflectors ensure their light shines brightly and evenly, with no shadows or hot spots. Our Retrofit Kits come with a maintenance-free 5-year ballast warranty and up to a 5-year warranty on our Vi-Tek 93® Plus lamps. The kits have USA manufactured steel and are assembled in the USA.

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