4 Lamp LED Retrofit Aluminum Reflector High Ballast Factor Ballast

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With Vi-Tek 93® Plus LED Sticks!


Product Description

Prewired Kit

The sockets are prewired to the ballast. Snap the socket bars apart and attach to your 8 foot fixture channel as shown below.

Universal Voltage 120-277 Volt Ballast

The high lumen ballast has a -20º F start, a NEMA ballast disconnect and easily installs with self-tapping screws.

One Piece Center Bracket

The one piece center bracket simplifies and speeds up installation.


The ballast is warrantied for 5 years and the LED lamps are warrantied for 5 years.

Replacement Socket-Bars

The replacement socket-bars fold around either a 4.25" or 5" channel and attach with self-tapping screws.

Enhanced Aluminum Reflector

The enhanced aluminum reflector has a 95% reflective finish. Thereflectors are CNC formed from .020" aluminum and have 13 mirrored angles for unsurpassed lamp imaging. The reflector produces even lighting patterns to eliminate shadows and hot spots.


Watts: 84Volts: 120-277 Warranty: 5-Year for the ballast, 5-Year for the LED Sticks. Made In: USA madeinusaIncludes: (2) Aluminum Reflectors for HH3003, (4) Lamps, 2-Lamp Bracket and Ballast Kit Manufactured from US Steel and Assembled in USA